Meet Us

Diane McLeod-McKay

Diane McLeod-McKay was appointed Yukon's first full-time Ombudsman/Information and Privacy Commissioner effective June 10, 2013 for a term of five years. On June 15, 2015, she became Yukon's first Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner. This role was added to her other two other roles. On August 31, 2016, as Information and Privacy Commissioner, she became responsible for overseeing compliance with the Health Information Privacy Management Act in addition to the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. In November of 2017 she was reappointed to a second term of five years during which she will perform all three roles. Her second term will expire in June of 2023. Diane McLeod-McKay brings to the office extensive experience in the information and privacy fields. In September of 2011, Ms. McLeod-McKay joined the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta's Office as the Director of the Personal Information Protection Act. Prior to this position, she spent several years at the Calgary Health Region where she was responsible for Legal Services and Information and Privacy. After relocating to British Columbia in 2004, Ms. McLeod-McKay worked as an information privacy and security consultant for the Government of British Columbia while working to obtain her law degree from the University of Victoria. After becoming a lawyer, she focused her practice on advising the private, public and health sectors on their responsibilities for compliance with access and privacy legislation. Throughout her career, Ms. McLeod-McKay has participated on many committees advocating for the protection of privacy, including the Canadian Bar Association Access and Privacy Section and the Vancouver Island Clinical Research Ethics Board.

Our Staff

Jason Pedlar

Jason  is the Director of Intake and Informal Case Resolution.


Phone: 867-667-8771

Tara Martin

Tara is an Investigator with the Informal Case Resolution Team. Her primary focus is on investigating public body's/custodian's decisions on providing access to personal information or personal health information in accordance with HIPMA and the ATIPP Act. However she also investigates complaints under HIPMA, ATIPP, and the Ombudsman Act. 


Phone: 867-667-8480

Breanna Taylor

Breanna is the Intake Officer and Registrar for the Office.  If you have tried to resolve your complaint directly with a public office and remain unsatisfied with the resolution, or if they did not respond to your complaint, you can complain to this Office. All initial complaints will go through Breanna who will do a preliminary assessment. This assessment may determine whether we have jurisdiction, if other internal dispute resolution processes can be used, or narrow down the complaint at issue.


Phone: 867-667-8468

Rick Smith

Rick joined our team in 2016 as an Investigator and Compliance Review Officer.  His primary role is to conduct formal investigations under PIDWA and the Ombudsman Act and supports compliance review activities. 


Phone: 867-667-8467

Sebastian Paauwe

Sebastian is an Investigator and Compliance Review Officer with a focus on Information Systems Security. He brings a wealth of experience in privacy protection. He is a crucial member to the Investigator and Compliance Review Team and conducts privacy audits along with other compliance review activities. 


Phone: 867-332-8437