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Yukon Information and Privacy Commissioner

Section 42 Request for Comment

The Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) is responsible for monitoring how the ATIPP Act is administered to ensure that its purposes are achieved and may  comment on the implications for access to information or for protection of privacy of existing or proposed legislative schemes or programs of public bodies.

As part of exercising this authority the IPC also provides comments on privacy impact assessments and privacy breaches.

Privacy Impact Assessment

The only way for a public body to effectively assess and manage privacy risks for any project involving personal information is to conduct a privacy impact assessment (PIA). Completing a PIA enables a public body to identify any risks associated with the collection, use or disclosure of personal information and ensure the information is properly managed in compliance with the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPP Act).

The value of having the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) review a PIA is as follows:

  • A public body is able to draw on the experience of the OIPC in interpreting and applying the ATIPP Act.
  • It enables the public body to receive feedback from the OIPC about whether the project poses risks to the privacy of information.
  • It demonstrates the public body's accountability for ensuring the risks to privacy associated with projects involving personal information are being appropriately managed.

To complete a PIA, the ATIPP Office with the department of Highways and Public Works has created a PIA Tool. Contact Jeff Sunstrum, at 867-667-3510 to obtain this template.

Privacy Breach