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News Release: Information and Privacy Commissioner comments on ATIPP Act review report

Thu, Jan 12, 2017



JANUARY 12, 2017


Information and Privacy Commissioner comments on ATIPP Act review report

Yukon Information and Privacy Commissioner Diane McLeod-McKay has provided an analysis of a recent review report on the territory’s Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPP Act). The report was produced by the Yukon government as part of a mandated review process, and pointed to a number of perceived problems with the legislation.

“The ATIPP Act affects every single person in Yukon, which makes this a very important discussion for all Yukoners,” said McLeod-McKay, “Yukon’s ATIPP Act is a good piece of legislation that protects the rights of citizens to control their own personal information. Some relatively small changes to the Act would benefit citizens, but I am concerned that the review report suggests large changes are necessary. In my view, such changes would reduce the privacy rights of Yukoners.”

McLeod-McKay has produced a Comments document on the review report, available on her office’s website. She has also met with the minister responsible for the Act, as well as the opposition caucuses.

“Some minor amendments to the ATIPP Act would address the need of government to deliver services in a more coordinated fashion that will benefit citizens,” added McLeod-McKay. “I support such amendments, as long as the changes ensure that the existing rights in the Act are protected.”

McLeod-McKay will hold two public information sessions on the Act on January 20 and 23, and she invites all interested Yukoners to attend or to contact her office for more information.

“A survey was done to gather views from the public to inform the review report,” said McLeod-McKay. “However, only a very small number of people responded, just .003 percent of the population. I believe a much broader public engagement is necessary before any changes are made to legislation affecting us all.”

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Elaine Schiman