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The Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPP) and the Health Information Privacy and Management Act (HIPMA) are the two laws in Yukon that provide access to information rights and protection of privacy rights to Yukoners.  These laws establish rules that public bodies and health sector custodians must follow to collect, use, disclose, secure and manage personal and health information.  Under ATIPP the public has the right to access any records held by public bodies.  Under HIPMA individuals have the right to access their own personal health information. 

The Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) is responsible to ensure public bodies and health sector custodians comply with these laws.  The IPC has the power to investigate complaints about non-compliance and other responsibilities including to inform the public about these laws.

This website has information that will help Yukoners and other members of the public learn more about their privacy and access rights under these laws, and the role of the IPC. 

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Yukon Information and Privacy Commissioner issues advisory on COVID-19 related scams

Diane McLeod-McKay has developed advice for individuals and best practices for organizations

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Privacy Commissioners across Canada raise concerns and make recommendations regarding COVID-19 contact tracing

The Yukon Information and Privacy Commissioner, Diane McLeod-McKay, has joined with her colleagues across the country to issue a statement on government plans for COVID-19 contact tracing

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Information and Privacy Commissioner provides guidance on access to information, including possible delays during COVID-19

Diane McLeod-McKay has issued a guidance document for custodians and an information sheet for the public in regard to delays in processing access to information that may occur as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

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