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Procedures for Managing Complaints

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Do all complaints get investigated?

Not necessarily. Each complaint is unique and we try to choose the most appropriate way to deal with it. Sometimes that means an investigation. Other times, we may use mediation or negotiation. Whenever possible, we contact the government office to see if an early resolution can be achieved.

Who can make a complaint?

Any person or group that feels they have been treated unfairly by a Yukon government action or decision can contact the Ombudsman. We will determine if the complaint is an issue the Ombudsman can investigate. If it is not, we will try to refer you to someone who can help.

What kinds of problems can the Ombudsman help me with?

The Ombudsman can investigate complaints about:

  • Yukon government departments,
  • crown corporations and independent authorities or boards,
  • public schools,
  • Yukon College,
  • hospitals,
  • professional and occupational governing bodies, and
  • municipalities and Yukon First Nations (at their request only).
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